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What girls look for guys

In each country what girls look for guys is different. I had a good conversation with my Italian female friend. She told me that Italian girls normally look for guys who has a car and are well-dressed. It sounds very Italian as my image for Italian is fashionable. In Netherlands guy's height is very important. Generally Dutch people is tall. My Dutch female friend told me that she cannot date with guys who were shorter than her. Actually even in profiles in dating apps here people's height is stated. In the beginning, foreigners are wondering why the height in profiles are written.

Actually I was asked how tall I was when I chatted with a Dutch guy through a dating apps. For me, it was a quite strange question. Even the guys care about the girls' height here.

In Japan girls used to want to date with guys who have high education, high income and is tall. But guys' height is not so important as Japanese guys are not so tall compared to guys from the other nationalities. High income and education was more valuable in Japan. But now this value changes and girls are attracted by guys' personality. When I lived in Singapore, I often heard the word called 5Cs. 5Cs are the things Singaporean girls look for guys. They are Cash, Car, Condominium, (Golf) Club membership and Credit card. Depending on a culture value, it seems to be different what girls look for guys.

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