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The benefits to use our matchmaking service

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

We are an international matchmaking service company for international single people located in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Especially we provide an opportunity to meet Japanese women who are looking for a serious relationship or marriage and lives in Japan or overseas. The reason we started this matchmaking business is to provide opportunities to meet qualified people with reasonable price. It is normal that we can meet people with a great job, much money, good-looking if we pay a lot. But this is a natural desire for everybody to meet the qualified and real people without paying such money. Many lucky people meet their girlfriends or wives without paying anything. But if we cannot or don't have enough luck, where should you go to meet women? Recently the most popular answer is online dating application. Most of the dating applications are free and you can check many women's profiles. Free is good but there are not many chances to meet the qualified women which you are looking for. We know that free worth free. We want to be an international matchmaking service company to be able to introduce only qualified people to make you happy. While there are many Japanese women who are interested in meeting foreign men who live in Japan or overseas or Japanese men who live in overseas, there are many foreign men and Japanese men who are interested in meeting Japanese women. Based on Amsterdam, the Netherlands, we want to help match up Japanese women with foreign or Japanese men. We should be a matchmaking service company which are attractive for international single people.

Nowadays it is normal to use free online dating applications to meet girls. These applications are very useful to meet people. I know some people who had a relationship with or got married through these dating applications. On the other hands, I know some people who don't have any progresses even they use these applications for a several years and use several dating applications. One of advantages to use dating application is to give you many chances to meet people. On the other hands even if you meet a very nice person, you might think that you can meet better people by keep using the applications. But in the ends, you cannot progress with anybody. If you would like to meet Japanese girls, obviously it is less chance to meet them. I know there are some online dating application focusing on meeting Japanese women. But most of them live in Japan and it takes time to find out who they are. Do you think how many of them are totally trusted and can be your type? Moreover it is difficult to find if you have something looking for a woman who wants to have a relationship or marry such as her personality, education, language levels, professions and age ranges etc.

For Japanese men who lives overseas, we can introduce Japanese woman who are interested in Japanese who lives overseas and has international mind. I understand it is very difficult to meet Japanese unless you live in big cities overseas. Even we meet Japanese overseas, this doesn't mean that we can get along together. Specially it is tough to find a girlfriend and wife. One of my Japanese male friends are having difficulties to have a Japanese girlfriend here. This also might be due to his job. He normally works from home as he is a software engineer. He has less chances to meet people comparing to other people. He is using the dating application to meet a woman but he told me it was very less chance to match up with Japanese who lives overseas as the number of members were too small. He wants to get married with a Japanese women within few years. So he even told me he would go back to Japan for good after a couple years to get married. In the beginning when he moved here, he was planning to settle down. Now he found he couldn't get married if he stayed in Europe. For these kind of man, we will be able to help introduce Japanese women overseas or Japan. When he go back to Japan for holidays, we can arrange meetings with the women who lives in Japan. He can meet them in Japan.

All female members in our matchmaking service are interested in having a serious relationship and getting married with the international foreign or Japanese men. As we have an interview for all members, we understand who they know. After the interview, we create your profiles and examine them carefully to understand what kind of woman you are looking for. Based on these information, we introduce women who have a high possibility to match up. Moreover you can see the all female members' profiles and you can request us to meet them online if you are interested in them. The current problem is that we cannot travel under the COVID situation. Hope we can travel overseas again soon like before. This means you can't meet the woman in real soon even if you like her. But thanks to this situation, online chatting has been popular in Japan though it was never popular there. Among friends, we are enjoying organizing online drinking by using zoom and Skype etc. So compare to before we are acceptable online meeting. Until you or she can travel, you get to know each other better through online meeting. Or if you have a plan to travel to Japan, we can arrange several dating beforehand. When you visit there, you can meet the women. Occasionally we will organize international online speed dating. After COVID, we will organize speed dating events or dinner/drink events in real. We are also able to introduce members from other matchmakers in Japan or overseas. You can meet more interesting and attractive women. If you are looking for a serious relationship or marriage with Japanese women, our service is the effective and earliest way to meet them .

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