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Japanese matchmaking dating (gokon)

In Japan, gokon(matchmaking dating) is one of the most popular ways to meet singles. I ask a male friend or co-worker who is single ask to invite his other single friends for drinks or dinner while I invite my single female friends. The number of female and male should be equal. Then we have dinner or drinks together. This is a quite effective way to meet single guys or girls. Unfortunately sometimes, married guys or guys who have girlfriends join gokon to find an affair pretending they are singles.

I organized gokon for one of my girl friends in the Netherlands. She was Italian. I invited my 2 Dutch male friends. We drank together one evening

As I did not mention this was match making dating to anybody and they were not Japanese, this was just friendly drink and nothing happened such as exchanging numbers.

If it is in Japan, we notice this is gokon and the people try to take some actions. I realized gokon was Japanese way but there was a good opportunity to meet singles even in Europe. I just need to adjust European style.

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