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The one of the most surprising differences between Japan and western countries is the dating style. In Japan if we are interested in somebody, we ask to be our boyfriends or our girlfriends in the beginning even though we don’t know each other well. In the most cases, we haven’t hold hands and kissed yet at this point. But we are official boyfriends and girlfriends. Once I moved to overseas, I found out the dating style in western countries were totally different. In most of the cases, after they get known each other, they make commitment. Of course, even before they make commitment, they kiss and have sex. This makes us, Japanese very confused. In Japan we don’t have to think about when we become officially boyfriends or girlfriends as we make commitment in the beginning. Whenever I date with a western guy I am always wondering if I am his girlfriend now. According to my western friends, Japanese dating process is very strange. They tell me how we can make commitment without knowing each other well. It is also correct but the commitment from the beginning is important for me. Considering this point of view, we should accept each other’s dating cultural differences in case you date with the foreigners.

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